Yonder Saison Fourage Magnolia

Yonder Saison Fourage Magnolia

Type: Bottle

Style : Saison

ABV : 6.7%

Bottle Size : 750ml


Saison Fourage is a series of mixed fermentation wild ales, or saisons, that marry these two core aspects of our craft beer mission perfectly. Each beer in this series will be infused with a single wild ingredient, which has been foraged by hand in the UK.

The first in this series for 2020 is paired with Magnolia Petals; a fantastic, but under-used, spring ingredient. Although this ancient genus of trees is not native to the UK, it very popular in gardens due to its beautiful spring flowers, which hold a wonderful fragrance to attract pollinators.

It usually holds pride of place in peoples gardens, so ‘foraging’ isn’t easy. Luckily we know a few owners of trees who happen to enjoy beer and are willing to swap for their precious flowers.

Foraging and the use of local ingredients is, and always will be, at the heart of what we do at Yonder. Couple this with our approach to mixed fermentation and you’re on to something truly special.

Wild ingredients and wild yeasts = Perfection, in our eyes.

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