Yonder Loop - Autumn (Plums & Wild French Thyme)

Yonder Loop - Autumn (Plums & Wild French Thyme)

Type: Bottle

Style : Wild Ale

ABV : 4.5%

Bottle Size : 375ml


This base beer is brewed and aged in oak barrels all year round and blended seasonally with whatever fruits and other wild ingredients are available at the time. The dregs of these blends are then reused to ferment the next instalment, ensuring that the cycle always continues.

The first full size batch of Loop was blended with locally foraged Victoria Plums and a few handfuls of Damsons. As the fruit macerated on the blended beer, the wild yeast from the skins aided secondary fermentation and brought about a peachy pink hue.

The second addition to play against the honey-like flavour of the stone fruit was wild thyme collected in the dusty hills of Provence, where Jasper was taking a much needed summer break. Far from savoury, this dried herb was very floral and citrus and worked perfectly in the blend.