Yonder Cache

Yonder Cache

Type: Bottle

Style : Dark Ale

ABV : 4.6%

Bottle Size : 375ml


Whilst squirrels cache their nuts for the winter, we were busy preparing acorns for this very special dark ale, spring release. We have turned the humble acorn, a nut not commonly considered edible, in to an ingredient that chefs are fighting for.
After peeling the oak nuts, leaching their tannins in water over several days, drying, roasting and milling, you are left with a flour (or coffee, if heavily roasted), which brings amazing toffee and sweet nutty flavours to anything it plays a part of.
This sweet, dark ale, with caramel and roasty flavours from the selection of malts used, is the perfect drink to carry those flavours and with a hint of spice from more local Myrica Gale, it's perfectly balanced for a cold spring evening.

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