Wylam The Grange 2019 Special Reserve

Wylam The Grange 2019 Special Reserve

Type: Bottle

Style : Golden Ale

ABV : 13.4%

Bottle Size : 750ml


A decadently opulent single malt strong golden ale conceived, formulated and constructed with Sweden’s juju hoodoo brewing monarch PAR SMEDSBO SLOTT. A primitively simple components list of the finest Golden Promise pale ale malt, East Kent Goldings and West Yorkshire ale yeast are manipulated and contrived to produce a lavish beer complexity rarely achieved using such primitive tools.


Balanced over time with a secondary bottle fermentation producing delicate esters alongside a sparkling high carbonation. Flavours of orange marmalade, sweet jam tarts and candy sugar blend softly with a light herbal Belgian edge transporting layered emulations of white pear, lemon grass and sharp white pepper.

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