Vibrant Forest Midnight Anthracite
Vibrant Forest

Vibrant Forest Midnight Anthracite

Type: Bottle

Style : Imperial Stout

ABV : 9.0%

Bottle Size : 330ml

Sit right down. 28/07/16 – two peated whisky barrels are filled with Black Oktober. January '17 – Smokey Armageddon and so we blend 1 barrel: 1/3 into rum, 1/3 into bourbon, 1/3 remaining – all topped up with fresh Black Oktober. July '17 we re-sample all 4. Smokey Armageddon and further aging. September '17 we trial varying nuts and fruits to mellow the potency. October '17 we settle on ardent application of figs. 

November '17, Midnight Anthracite is born.