Vibrant Forest Imago
Vibrant Forest

Vibrant Forest Imago

Type: Can

Style : Double IPA

ABV : 8.0%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


Imago is the maturation of months of research into the soft and fruity styles of the East Coast. A fitting culmination of our hoppy exploits, Imago sees us throw our knowledge of soft bodied and ripe tropical hoppy alchemy at a Double IPA. Expect ripe mango, creamy pineapple, and bright apricot sat on a simple oated malt base and fermented on our juicy house yeast. 

For Imago, our designer implemented Hewlett Packard's Mosaic software. This takes one of 30 submitted images, and zooms/scales the image and uses the result for the can artwork. Therefore, each of the 5600 numbered cans is different from its siblings, creating 5600 individual and unique pieces. Which is cool. Beer itself is pretty excellent, which helps.


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