Vibrant Forest Chicxulub
Vibrant Forest

Vibrant Forest Chicxulub

Type: Bottle

Style : Imperial Stout

ABV : 9.4%

Bottle Size : 330ml


The story: 
1. We aged Black Oktober in Laphaiog Barrels for some 16 months.

2. During this process, we blended it into Rum and Bourbon w/ fresh Oktober to mollify the peated maelstrom 
3. We panicked again and added figs
4. This worked wonders, and so Midnight Anthracite was born
5. Separately, we made our Cambrian Root bigger and weird - it became 9.4%, it was soured, and the salt and liquorice were both amped
6. Deccan Traps was born
7. We popped 800l of Deccan straight into these ex-Midnight Anthracite barrels
8. 4 months later, Chicxulub was born!

If the eruptions of the Deccan Traps started the K/T Mass Extinction, then the Chicxulub impact certainly ended it! Drink with respect.