Vibrant Forest Chardonnay Aged Farmhouse
Vibrant Forest

Vibrant Forest Chardonnay Aged Farmhouse

Type: Bottle

Style : Saison

ABV : 5.0%

Bottle Size : 750ml


We are very proud to announce the unveiling of our Chardonnay Aged Farmhouse. This is our famous Farmhouse Saison recipe that we interred into two oaken Chardonnay barrels. When we filled them they both had a rich woody and musty aroma, we couldn't wait to see the result. Fast forward many months and they've both aged very differently. The first barrel had taken its flavour from the parent grapes and had rendered a very sweet, fruity and floral saison whereas the second had taken its inspiration from the wood it was sat in, this presented a very dry and oaken flavour. Whilst, as separate beers, these two are very interesting, we feel that they will be best suited complimenting each other as a blended experiment.

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