Round Corner Blaze & Saddles
Round Corner

Round Corner Blaze & Saddles

Type: Can

Style : Saison

ABV : 6.3%

Bottle Size : 330ml Can


Blaze is a summer beer, made in winter for you to drink on warm languid afternoons.  Pours a blush golden colour.  This is a complex beer. Citrus Esters highlighted by Grapefuit and Lemondrop hops with a yeast spiceiness filled out with grains of paradise, in addition to low level yeast phenolics.  Yeasts have fermented this beer to be super dry with intriguing levs of horse-saddle-funk (yes!!).  The esters and liberal addiiton of hibicus flowers, give Blaze a berry sweetness.  We did say it was complex!  Just needs to be tried and then tried again. 

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