Polly's Brew Co x Big Mountain Oh My.. BBE 12/9/21
Polly's Brew Co

Polly's Brew Co x Big Mountain Oh My.. BBE 12/9/21

Type: Can

Style : Pale Ale

ABV : 5.8%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


It's back! Our final collaboration before lockdown with our super pals over at Big Mountain Brewing, and one that has slowly turned into a surefire cult favourite since makes its triumphant return to our lineup. We've experimented with ramping this beer up to DIPA strength, but in our opinion, nothing beats the wonderful complexity of the original version. Originally our first foray into using everybody's new favourite hype hop Sabro in one of our beers, version three sees us with an extra twelve months worth of experience in the little quirks and idiosyncrasies of this incredible varietal. Amplified up to the max, Sabro brings a metric tonne of sweet, creamy, pineapple and coconut notes before being reeled in by an in-house Polly's favourite in Citra to keep everything balanced. Named for a truly terrible George Takei impression in the brewery, a beer that will truly make you say "...Oh my!"

£3.75 £5.11