Polly's Brew Co Midas
Polly's Brew Co

Polly's Brew Co Midas

Type: Can

Style : India Pale Ale

ABV : 6.6%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


Those who have been receiving these lists long enough will know that we at Polly's enjoy very much paying homage to the old school IPAs we grew up drinking; we love dropping in classic C hops to honour the trailblazers who without them, we wouldn't be here today.
It irks us then that we've never attempted to brew a classic old school west coast IPA...that is until now. A single hop showcase to THE classic C hop Chinook, and clean fermented with US04 yeast, we caught this beer just in time for a bit of biotransformation for the slightest hint of Polly's haze.