Polly's Brew Co Lupo Capisco
Polly's Brew Co

Polly's Brew Co Lupo Capisco

Type: Can

Style : Pale Ale

ABV : 5.6%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


We love our DDH pales, don't get us wrong, but sometimes there's nothing better than a straight up, unfussy, clean and crisp pale ale. A beer specifically made with smashability in mind, Lupo Capisco is brewed with the masters of simplicity in mind - our heroes over at The Kernel, who make in our opinion the best pales in the UK. Hopped with a relatively easygoing dry-hop charge of 20kg of Azacca and Citra, this is a beer perfect for those after work pints we love so much. Soft, juicy, and crisp. These two incredible hops bring a swagbag of mango and tropical flavours to compliment their respective pithy bitter notes. 

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