Omnipollo Devin The Dude's Brew

Omnipollo Devin The Dude's Brew

Type: Can

Style : Pilsner

ABV : 5.2%

Bottle Size : 330ml Can


Inspirations for our beers come from everywhere. Sometimes it’s like the universe is telling us there needs to be a beer. It sounds pretentious and, in a way, it is… but with the release of this Omnipollo German style pilsner we are in the center of a vortex of incidences telling us that all we want to drink is a truly well-crafted pilsner. Our own pilsner journey started long ago, and pilsner is still Henok’s favourite style of beer, now seems like the right time to celebrate this style. Like when your favourite rapper doesn’t enjoy the IPA you had planned to brew in his honour, saying ‘none of that fruity stuff’. Or the fact that for the last couple of years, all brewers at festivals will not be found drinking the latest hype brew, but instead gathering at the tap of whoever brought a classic pilsner. A pils is sort of like your favourite t-shirt, you wear it often, but it is never a loud statement. So we raise our (pilsner) glass to you, and hope you will enjoy Devin’s German style pilsner and the rest of our pilsner journey. Be curious, be classic.


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