Loka Polly Citra Columbus India Pale Ale
Loka Polly

Loka Polly Citra Columbus India Pale Ale

Type: Can

Style : IPA

ABV : 6.1%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


Columbus or Tomahawk? Does it really matter? We've paired one of the original "Three C" hops up with one of the new school "Big Three" hops for a serenade to the nostalgic brews of yore whilst embracing the cool kid brews of today.
We were so impressed with how this hop combo worked in a stout that we felt utterly compelled to give it a turn at the lighter side of things.
Expect to find the brash brattiness of an old school American IPA with resinous bitterness paired up with soft pillowy tropical notes from one of our favourite hops. 

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