Little Earth Sorachi And Rosemary Funky Pale
Little Earth Project

Little Earth Sorachi And Rosemary Funky Pale

Type: Bottle

Style : Wild Pale Ale

ABV : 6.2%

Bottle Size : 330ml


We are always trying to match interesting flavours, both local and sourced from around the world. Sorachi Ace hops split opinion with their big bold flavours. Lemon, coconut and a big herbal hit, what could we match that with? We already thought that the funky fruity nature of the Brettanomyces in our mixed culture might complement these potent hops but where unsure of how to bring it all together. When walking to the brewery one spring morning we smelt the strong whiff of resinous Rosemary. With our neighbours kind permission we picked several hundred grams of leaves from the rather overgrown plant to add to a beer we thought would stand up to and complement this strong flavour