Little Earth Project The Brett - Organic Stock Ale (2017)
Little Earth Project

Little Earth Project The Brett - Organic Stock Ale (2017)

Type: Bottle

Style : Burton Ale / Stock Ale

ABV : 10.5%

Bottle Size : 330ml


Before the large breweries came to prominence in the 19th century, many county houses and estates brewed beer for the land owners and their workers. Strong stock ales were brewed during the autumn and laid down in wood to mature, their ingredients would have come from the surrounding countryside and have been assisted in their ageing by the Brettanomyces (wild yeast) that reside in the wood. Our recreation is made with our own well water, Suffolk Organic barley & Organic English Goldings hops and aged in wood using a mixed culture of wild yeasts and bacteria. Large quantities of whole hops are used to act as a preservative and the beer was brewed at the start ofthe colder British months to give the wild yeast an advantage, just as the brewers did 200 years ago.  A heady aroma of sweet malts, floral hops and funk is followed by a complex yet drinkable flavour of bitter grassy hops, slight candy sugar and earthy musty yeast.