Little Earth Project Hopless Romantic
Little Earth Project

Little Earth Project Hopless Romantic

Type: Bottle

Style : Sour

ABV : 7.8%

Bottle Size : 330ml


When we first started Little Earth Project we had romantic ideals of brewing beer using entirely our own locally sourced yeast and bacteria culture, to produce wonderful and unique beers. This beer is getting close to those first dreams. We filled a freshly emptied natural cider barrel with unhopped wort and just left it for six months, during which the wild cultures present in the barrel fermented the sugars, at first quickly and then more slowly. The beer is not massively dry like some of our beers but, due to the absence of hops, it has a more pronounced acidity. It will be launched at the opening of our onsite pub, ‘The White Horse’ - another project we hope will be a success.