Little Earth Project Breckland Braggot
Little Earth Project

Little Earth Project Breckland Braggot

Type: Bottle

Style : Braggot

ABV : 10.1%

Bottle Size : 330ml


Braggot is traditionally made with 50% malt and 50% honey and it has a fascinating history, dating right back to Medieval times. In fact, it is used in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to evocatively describe the sweet lips of the carpenter’s wife:

‘Her mouth was sweete as bragot or the meeth,

Or hoord of apples leyd in hey or heeth. ‘

Our interpretation of this historic beer was made with Suffolk hops, barley and honey from the north Suffolk Breckland. It was fermented with our own wild yeast and aged in a whisky barrel. Not surprisingly, it has picked up some really interesting, funky flavours that are continuing to develop and mature all the time. It is very much a drink to sip and savour!

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