Left Handed Giant Sea Of Vapours
Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant Sea Of Vapours

Type: Can

Style : IPA

ABV : 6.6%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


Experimental hop blend in collaboration with Yakima Chief - TRI12304CR, Citra Cryo and Simcoe.

This beer uses a supercharged pellet blend, that were excited to be trialling in partnership with Yakima Chief Hops, created to maximise the hop aroma in the finished beer. The aroma profile given for this hop blend is mango, red grapefruit and peach floral. In a carefully executed blend with Citra Cryo and Simcoe , we have found that these aromas do shine through, with fragrant notes of mango taking centre stage. A distinct, juicy, orange flavour dominates the pallet, backed up by a full mouthfeel and a dry finish.