Left Handed Giant Plentiful Rains
Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant Plentiful Rains

Type: Can

Style : Black IPA

ABV : 6.5%

Bottle Size : 440ml Can


Collaboration Black IPA with Triple Co Roast for The Coffee Project 2020. Ethiopian Aramo, Idaho 7 + Simcoe.

We went to visit the lovely guys at Triple Co prior to the brewday and after countless cups of coffee, decided that the Ethiopian Aramo was the perfect fit to sit alongside the Idaho 7 dry hop, as they both provide delicate, floral notes of tea and tonic.

The coffee was steeped for a total of 60 hours and added in a 2 stage addition, with ground and whole beans added at different temperatures to maximise and control the flavour extraction. The result is a beautifully balanced beer, with an elegant roasty character and a refreshing finish, with a touch of lemon.

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