Epochal The Fixed Stars

Epochal The Fixed Stars

Type: Can

Style : Porter

ABV : 6.2%

Bottle Size : 375ml


Glasgow Light Porter

In this beer, we revive an old Glaswegian approach to porter brewing, drawing on the writings of Glasgow brewer, engineer, inventor and politician, James Steel. His distinctive style favoured the softer amber malt over the darker brown malt used by London brewers, and his final blends contained a greater proportion of fully attenuated mature beer than was otherwise common. The result combines biscuit-like roast, fruit-forward funk and a highly drinkable lightness on the palate. This beer is the first in a series of beers inspired by Steel's work and is based on his recipe for what he called 'light porter', the lightest of his export beers, brewed for sale to the West Indies and Nova Scotia.
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