Epochal Siphonaptera

Epochal Siphonaptera

Type: Can

Style : Pale Ale

ABV : 3.8%

Bottle Size : 375ml


Siphonaptera is a very easy to drink Pale Ale, but having been secondary fermented in an oak barrel with brett yeast, there’s interesting complexity – if you can slow down your drinking.

Epochal say “In the 1800’s, funky, hoppy table beers were a very Scottish thing, and the Saaz hop was a favourite variety of the producers who made them. Siphonaptera draws inspiration from this tradition. It is pale in colour and fluffy in foam. On the nose, there are notes of overripe lemon tea, honeysuckle, beeswax and violets. On the palate, it is airily light with a clean, snappy bitterness. Just the ticket for unreasonably hot weather.”

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