Epochal Christmas Day

Epochal Christmas Day

Type: Can

Style : Pale Ale

ABV : 6.0%

Bottle Size : 375ml



Epochal’s first Christmas beer, Christmas Day: a 6% Spalter Select pale ale fermented with clove-studded clementines in Rioja casks. Spalter Select is sort of a pet hop of mine – it was bred in the 1970’s from Spalter and Hallertau Mittelfruh and has a beautiful noble hop character all of its own. Lots of this was added in the boil and then as a dry hop as the beer underwent its first aging in neutral oak. Once the beer was mature, it was transferred into Rioja casks and onto clementines studded with cloves until a delicately aromatic character had been extracted from both barrel and spiced fruit. 

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