3 Fonteinen Intens Rood (Intense Red) Season 17/18 Blend 85
3 Fonteinen

3 Fonteinen Intens Rood (Intense Red) Season 17/18 Blend 85

Type: Bottle

Style : Kriek

ABV : 6.6%

Bottle Size : 750ml

This particular Intens Rood has macerated for exactly 6 months. The lambics originate from 3 different barrels and 4 different brews. The final fruit intensity is at 513 grams of fruit per liter of finished Oude Kriek Intens Rood.

3 Fonteinen “Intens Rood” (Intense Red) is the result of macerating hand-picked whole sour cherries on lambic for at least six months, in a proportion of one kilogram of fruit per litre of lambic, and is then blended again with more lambic to obtain a minimum intensity of 450 grams of fruit per liter. The kriek lambic ferments in the bottle for at least another six months and develops into an intense wine-like fruit lambic. This bottle fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised lambic is all-natural with no artificial juices, syrups, or sugars added. Traditional Lambic is living, cultural heritage rooted in the Zenne valley!

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