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Ampersand Out Of The Woods Ampersand
Style : Maibock ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Out of the Woods is a strong lager beer brewed to celebrate making it through the darker months. A heavy dose of Perle hops bring some spicy, orange & cedar notes alongside our house classic Pilsner yeast & lager malt in this refreshing big beer.
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Ampersand Salem Ampersand
Style : Dark Lager ABV : 4.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   A dark smooth lager that showcases the coffee & chocolate malt flavours alongside the piney Simcoe and Columbus hops. Brewed using a traditional Czech pilsner yeast and lager conditioned for 4 weeks to give the perfect refreshing dark beer.
Ampersand x Pastore Farro E Miele Ampersand
Style : Rustic Lager ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Brewed in collaboration with our East Anglian friends Pastore Brewing & Blending. We've created a big flavourful rustic lager with a difference. We've added 10kg of Honey (5kg from Norfolk and 5kg from Cambridgeshire) onto the beautiful malt base of Spelt, Golden Promise, Imperial & Lager. Hopped using wonderful UK First Gold. End results are a complex yet very easy drinking Rustic Lager.
Ampersand x Three Blind Mice Bock Is Best Ampersand
Style : Bock ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   An amber lager hopped wholly with British hops and brewed with our good friends Three Blind Mice Brewery to celebrate the turn of the season. A combination of Munich & double roasted Crystal malt provides a bready biscuit base perfectly complementing the Admiral & First Gold hops with their flavours of orange & floral spice.
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Atom Venn Atom
Style : Helles ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Pale, golden and crisp with a sweet malty roundness. Brewed using traditional noble hops for a spicy floral flavour and light bitterness to balance.
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Beer Ink Gutenberg Beer Ink
Style : Lager ABV : 4.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Lager...You got any Lager mate? Gutenberg is our brand new Lager. With all the usual crisp dryness you expect from a Lager with the added flavour of Agave.  Soft flavours of Gooseberry are imparted by the Hallertau Blanc hops whilst the Agave imparts an almost lemon/lime like quality
Boutilliers Green Doki Doki Boutilliers
Style : Helles ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Green Hop Helles
Braybrooke Helles Lager Braybrooke
Style : Helles Lager ABV : 4.2% Bottle Size : 330ml    This Helles Lager is our take on a traditional Bavarian helles. Malt forward, light and easy drinking, this straw coloured lager is brewed with Pilsner and Munich malts and gently hopped with Hallertau Tradition hops. Matured for 30 days, unfiltered and unpasteurised, this is a very sessionable lager with plenty of flavour for its strength.
Braybrooke Keller Lager Braybrooke
Style : Lager ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 330ml   This is the beer which started it all. Braybrooke Keller Lager is our version of the Franconian Kellerbier, an unfiltered and unpasteurised beer which keeps all of the best flavour while delivering the ultimate lager refreshment. It’s a proper lager, which means bottom-fermentation, cold storing then maturing over a number of weeks before release. Full flavoured, thanks to our Franconian malt and hops, this is lager as it’s meant to be.
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Braybrooke Radiator Doppelbock Braybrooke
Style : Doppelbock ABV : 7.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   We brewed this Doppelbock to provide a little warmth before the end of winter. After a long cool fermentation and almost 4 months of lagering, the end result is a beautiful smooth, dark brown, rich lager with gentle notes of caramel and dark chocolate.
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Braybrooke Smash Maibock Braybrooke
Style : Maibock ABV : 6.7% Bottle Size : 330ml   This beer is a nod to the tradition of brewing strong beers in the winter and releasing them in spring. Brewed with Pilsner malt and Mandarina Bavaria hops (Single Malt And Single Hop - SMASH). A true celebration of spring.
Braybrooke Smoked Lager Braybrooke
Style : Rauchbier ABV : 5.1% Bottle Size : 330ml    This is our homage to a rauchbier from Bamberg in Franconia, with the smoky flavour coming from the drying of the malt over a beechwood fire. We use a blend of four different kinds of malt and add noble german hops in the boil, fermenting it with our house lager yeast, and cold-conditioning it for 45 days. The end result is a satisfyingly rich but very drinkable deep amber beer that’s perfect for the colder autumn evenings. It also makes a great match for a traditional Sunday roast! 
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Braybrooke Wildflower Lager Braybrooke
Style : Lager ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 330ml    This our second collaboration with our friend and Michelin star chef Brad Carter, inspired by the scent and colours of the meadows surrounding our brewery.  A Pils malt base is the backbone of this beer in which Tettnanger hops have been used for their hay and floral character, enhancing the herbal notes of the foraged wildflowers. Meadowsweet, elderflower and woodruff have been sun-dried and infused into the beer, resulting in an intensely floral potpourri. It's like a lagery stroll through a blooming garden. We hope you enjoy!
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Braybrooke x Brew By Numbers NZ Pils Braybrooke
Style : Pilsner ABV : 4.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   Our house lager yeast was used at a high temperature and we dry hopped with the New Zealand hop varieties; Nelson Sauvin and Motueka. The result is a dry bodied, crisp, refreshing lager balanced with tropical, fruity and citrusy characteristics of the New World hops.  This beer is sunshine in a glass, don't forget to use sunscreen whilst drinking!
Brick Cellared Pils Brick
Style : Pilsner ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   This Cellared Pils is a traditional, dry and crisp Pilsner, with a dense head. Brewed with three varieties of Pilsner malt and spelt for complex biscuit & vanilla-wafer notes. Matured cold for 8 weeks for maximum drinkability.
Deya x Stigbergets Welcome To The Gull Lounge Deya
Style : Pilsner ABV : 4.9% Bottle Size : 500ml Can This is a bright, snappy, dry hopped lager brewed with our friends from Stigbergets, Sweden. Hops: Strata, Motueka, Chinook
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Kernel Pils Galaxy BBE 11/8/21 Kernel Brewery
Style : Pilsner ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 330ml Kernel's unfiltered German-inspired Pilsner lager has a light body and a refreshing bitterness. The fresh 2021 batch is hopped using Galaxy hops from Australia with exotic passion fruit and peach flavours for an exciting twist on a timeless style of beer.
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Left Handed Giant Schwarzbier Left Handed Giant
Style : Schwarzbier ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   The beer opens with flavours and aromas of toasted nuts and dried fruit, meeting delicate notes of chocolate and a subtle herbaceous quality. The finish is bitter-sweet and eminently moreish.  
Left Handed Giant x Newbarns Maibock Left Handed Giant
Style : Maibock ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   This Maibock is liberally hopped with Spalter Select, Solero, and Styrian Dragon for balanced notes of sweet tangerine segments and a bright herbal bouquet, over a clean and delicate German malt base.
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Marble Bretted Pilsner On Apricot Marble
Style : Pilsner ABV : 6.4% Bottle Size : 660ml   A mix ferm, lager beer, aged for three years on 200kg of pureed apricot.Light, dry and spritzy body carrying delicate apricot notes and rounded with a funky finish.
Overtone Munich Overtone
Style : Helles ABV : 4.7% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   We’ve experimented with a new hop developed with lager in mind, it allows the bright and crisp malt to shine through while contributing some fresh citrus, melon and wildflower.
Simple Things Fermentations Twisted Pilsner Simple Things Fermentations
Style : Pilsner ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can The iconic Pilsner style with its balance of malt sweetness, delicate Saaz hop aroma and moderate bitterness makes for an irresistible drinking experience. This ‘twisted’ Pilsner adds a gentle Kazbek dry hop for an appetising citrus note. Lemon and lime citrus lead the aroma accompanied by subtle grapefruit notes and some pepper spice. Classic light-bodied bread-malty sweetness with notes of honey from the Bohemian malt and a trace of sulphur. Clean and crisp with a soft lingering bitterness.
Unity Priscilla Unity
Style : Pilsner ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Continuing our exploration of the 2020 Australian hop harvest and how the hops are best expressed, Priscilla takes a classic German style Pilsner base and puts Enigma hops centre stage.
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