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Alpha Delta Aion Alpha Delta
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   DDH DIPA 8.0% Dry hopped twice over with Citra, Mosaic and Vic Secret      
Alpha Delta x Donzoko Demeter Alpha Delta
Style : Farmhouse IPA ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Collaboration Funked IPA      
Black Iris Orange Gobblin' BBE 28/9/19 Black Iris
Style : IPA ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Bitter orange IPA - think marmalade!
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Black Lodge x Alpha Delta Tectonic Alpha Delta
Style : Triple IPA ABV : 10.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   We went big with our brothers Alpha Delta Brewing on this one. 10% TIPA filled to the rafters with BRU 1, Citra Cryo and Mosaic Cryo. 28g/pl to be precise. It’s been conditioning for a minute ready to get slammed into our first release of 440ml cans to date. Expect big rushes of pineapple & passion fruit as this thing finds its way down your grid. Big banger.      
Boutilliers Press Y To Honk Boutilliers
Style : Triple IPA ABV : 10.6% Bottle Size : 330ml   Mango Pineapple Triple IPA
Burning Sky Arise Burning Sky
Style : Session IPA ABV : 4.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Straw gold in colour, a balanced malt bill gives a great mouth feel and a finish that keeps on giving. Restrained bitterness followed by massive peach, pine & resinous hop flavours to keep you satisfied. A session IPA that's perfect for the end of the day (or the start)
Burnt Mill Enigma Fog Burnt Mill
Style : IPA ABV : 6.6% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Super Pale, Wheat & Flaked Oats and Maize make up the malt bill, to provide a soft base to showcase one of our favourite Southern Hemisphere hop varieties, Enigma. Hopped in the whirlpool and extensively in the fermenter for huge white grape & tropical aromatics!
Burnt Mill Gardens Of Green : Nelson & Amarillo Burnt Mill
Style : IPA ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   The second in the series combined Nelson & Amarillo where Nelson’s white grape, tropical aromas are complimented by the bright citrus & grapefruit provided by Amarillo. A small addition of Vienna in the malt bill gives a hint of sweetness base to highlight the hop pairing.
Burnt Mill Showers & Tidal Waves Burnt Mill
Style : IPA ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Super pale, wheat & cara10 make up the grist, fermented with London Ale 3, hopped with Cashmere, Chinook, Ekaunot, Centennial & Simcoe. This beer has a low, clean bitterness that rounds and compliments the citrus, lime & grapefruit aromas.
Buxton Lupulus X Single Hop Series - Loral IPA Buxton
Style : IPA ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can LUPULUS X. is an experimental single hop program. Each hop was carefully selected and properly examined.
Castle Rock Session Castle Rock
Style : Session IPA ABV : 4.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Dry-hopped Session IPA brewed with Columbus, Simcoe and Ahtanum.
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Dry & Bitter Motherblood BBE 2/5/19 Dry & Bitter
Style : IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Motherblood is a double dry-hopped IPA brewed in collaboration with Finland's most notorious apocalyptic post-punk band. . . Grave Pleasures. A vital fluid and a hop bomb. A cocktail of tropical hops gives aromas of the fruits of life and the dank of earth. Dance with the skeletons!
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Eight Arch Corbel BBE 31/1/19 Eight Arch
Style : IPA ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Can   Multi award winning IPA. How an IPA should be, packed with U.S. hops giving mango & pineapple aromas finished by a thirst quenching bitterness.
£2.00 £2.69
Heist Close Your Eyes And Think Of Snowflakes Heist
Style : IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 500ml Can   Brewed with our good friend, Luke from the amazing Beer Stop in Dronfield, we spruced up this NEIPA and added orange peel, Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria in the dry hop.
Left Handed Giant No Maps Left Handed Giant
Style : IPA ABV : 6.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   IPA with Cryo Amarillo & Cryo Mosaic
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Left Handed Giant x Pilton Skeleton Tree Left Handed Giant
Style : IPA ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Quince IPA with Cryo Simcoe, Cascade, Mosaic & Bitter Gold hops.With additions of Quince Juice & Quince Pomace from Pilton Cider. 
Lost Industry Ingenious Barstewards BBE 31/1/19 Lost Industry
Style : IPA ABV : 6.9% Bottle Size : 330ml   Hazy hoppy number from Sheffield's finest
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Manual Television City BBE 30/6/19 Manual
Style : IPA ABV : 6.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Dry hopped with Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo and Cascade, fermented with a West Coast American ale yeast strain≅tangerine, grapefruit, spice.
£3.50 £5.35
Northern Monk Patrons Project 17.06 Nothing Lasts Forever Northern Monk
Style : IPA ABV : 7.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can IPA hopped with Galaxy Amarillo and Citra
Odyssey The Chronic 2019 Odyssey
Style : IPA ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Citra, Centennial, Cryo Citra, Cryo Centennial. All the citrus. Plenty dank, plenty tropical - one of favourite beers of 2018 just got cryo turbo charged.
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Omnipollo Hilma Omnipollo
Style : IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Hazy fruity IPA with hints of vanilla. Oh, and they stuck a load of burger buns and fries in the mash!
Polly's Brew Co Chinook DDH India Pale Ale Polly's Brew Co
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   It's December, so we felt like having a little bit of fun in the brewery. After an off-hand comment from one of the brewers parents that "all hops taste flowery and perfumey" we decided to undertake a little experiment - what if we brewed exactly the same beer; same malt bill, water profile, hopping rate, ABV, and crop year, but with a different single hop on each beer? The result is our Original range twin project. Chinook is the dominant player here, with a host of piney and resinous notes from this old school stalwart.
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Polly's Brew Co Discount Jazz Hour Polly's Brew Co
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Let it not be said that we aren’t a cultured bunch here at Polly’s, we love spinning ‘The Birth of Cool’, ‘Blues & Roots’ and ‘Little Girl Blue’ as much as the next person. In actuality we named this beer as a reference to our favourite sketch from The Fast Show. Easy come, easy go we guess. Discount Jazz Hour is our first big beer release of the year and we’ve gone all out on this one. A US/South Pacific behemoth of a hop bill in Simcoe, Waimea, and Taiheke takes the stage here, with a big band’s worth of mango, grape, and passionfruit notes a plenty.
Polly's Brew Co Rock The Bit Polly's Brew Co
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   In keeping with the vast majority of our naming techniques for our beers, a misheard song lyric was the genesis for Rock the Bit. Named in honour of an in-house favourite by The Hues Corporation, this beer has all the soul and groove of its namesake. A massive hop bill of Cascade, Ekuanot, Galaxy and Mosaic glides around the palate like dancers at a rollerdisco, with a whole heap of tropical notes from Galaxy and Mosaic, backed up with a touch of complexity from Ekuanot, and some old school bite from Cascade.
Polly's Brew Co The Feels Polly's Brew Co
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.6% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   We’re constantly on the hunt here at Polly’s to achieve the mouthfeel of the American haze craze brewers we’re so inspired by. When designing The Feels, we decided to go all out on our quest for the aforementioned fluffiness, upping the oats in the mash to the absolute max, adding lactose during the boil to hit that silkiness and fermenting the beer out with a fresh strain of LA3 to ensure all the boxes were ticked. Add in a four hop powerhouse hop bill of Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot and Simcoe and the result is a maxed out juicebomb of an IPA.
Pressure Drop x Boxcar Hazy Coalition BBE 23/11/18 Pressure Drop
Style : NEIPA ABV : 6.8% Bottle Size : 330ml   This Double Dry Hopped New England IPA was fermented with a yeast blend of S-04 and Windsor Ale, this beer is a micro-collaboration of microorganisms and microbreweries. A coalition of haze. Hopped with Azacca, Eldorado, & Citra, this haze bomb is a juicy mouth party with notes of pineapple, mango & peach.
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Ridgeside x Black Iris What We Brew In The Shadows BBE 4/9/19 Ridgeside
Style : IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   New Zealand IPA, dry hopped with Motueka, Nelson Sauvin & Waimea.
£3.50 £4.99
S43 I Love Oats Me! S43
Style : IPA ABV : 6.1% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   The use of oats is common in modern hazy beers, and some would say they are an essential ingredient to lend a creamy mouthfeel. With that in mind we wanted to see just how many oats we could cram into an all Citra IPA. Weve turned the oat dial to 11 and used over 55% oats in three different formats to maximize the creamy and fluffy textures. Double dry hopped with loads of Citra for that familiar citrus, tropical fruit juiciness that we love.  
Siren Forest For The Trees BBE 27/5/18 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.6% Bottle Size : 330ml   Siren are bringing a touch of the west coast back home for this winter double IPA. Crystal and Vienna malts provide a hearty backbone and red hue, then they’ve gone all in on heavy hitting Simcoe Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic hops. Expect old school bitterness, evergreen aromas and punchy berry hop notes.
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Siren Lucky DIPA BBE 11/3/19 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   A super clean malt bill lets the hops do the talking here. Lucky DIPA glows radiantly and has a beautifully soft and full body. We used Mosaic Cryo powder in the whirlpool to drive stone fruit flavours, then a whopping 20g/l dry hop of Citra, Motueka and Vic Secret means that you’ll pick up the tropical and resinous aromas long before you lift the glass. There’s a well balanced sweetness and bitterness to keep the drinkability there. Get it while you can and drink fresh!
£3.75 £5.27
Siren Sound Wave Sessions BBE 6/4/19 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Session IPA ABV : 4.3% Bottle Size : 330ml   This summer we’re celebrating Sound Wave - our Flagship IPA - with a range of session editions. This first one features all the full-flavoured punch of the original with an easy-drinking ABV. You’ll get succulent mango and juicy tropical fruit flavours with a big mouthfeel considering the session strength. There’s just that hint of bitterness on the back end to echo Sound Wave and keep it super refreshing. Prime summer drinking!
£2.00 £3.07
Siren Sound Wave Sessions Double Citra BBE 24/4/19 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Session IPA ABV : 4.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   This summer we’re celebrating Sound Wave - our Flagship IPA - with a range of session editions. All the full-flavoured punch of the original with an easy-drinking ABV. This one has a double hit of one of our favourite hops - Citra! Expect a huge hit of hops - beautiful orange, grapefruit and tropical notes full of juice with minimal bitterness. 
£2.25 £3.13
Siren Three Little Fonzies BBE 28/2/19 Siren Craft Brew
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 7.2% Bottle Size : 330ml   The Fruit Pulp Fiction series is back and this time it’s peaches and cream, with a cherry on top! We’ve upped the fruit to 80 g/l making this the most fruit we’ve ever used in a beer (again), with even more peach notes coming from our house strain Vermont yeast and an all-star lineup of hops - Ekuanot, Centennial, Mosaic and Simcoe. We're gonna be like three little Fonzies here…
£3.25 £4.40
Siren x Wiper & True Wilde Geest Siren Craft Brew
Style : Brett IPA ABV : 7.2% Bottle Size : 330ml What happens if you ferment a juicy, full-bodied, low bitterness IPA with Brettanomyces Claussenii (Brett C)? We hooked up with Wiper & True and set ourselves the challenge to find out! This IPA oozes fruity notes from a generous hopping of Citra, Simcoe, Loral, El Dorado and Hallertau Blanc.
Steel City Black Cascade BBE 31/7/19 Steel City
Style : Black IPA ABV : 6.66% Bottle Size : 330ml   Bitter Black IPA with Cascade hops
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Tempest Soma BBE 1/11/18 Tempest
Style : IPA ABV : 6.8% Bottle Size : 330ml   Previously known as Bomber until the lovely people at *redacted* decided to get the lawyers involved......perfect bitterness, clean and juicy
£2.50 £3.80
Three Hills In Pursuit No. 7 Three Hills
Style : NEIPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can NEIPA with Ekuanot BBC, Cryo Citra & HBC431
Three Hills Of Juice No. 7 Three Hills
Style : DIPA ABV : 9.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can DIPA with Enigma, Cryo Citra & El Dorado
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Torrside Cats Of Chaos 2019 Torrside
Style : Barrel Aged IPA ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 750ml   Islay barrel west coast IPA
Totally Brewed Like Water, We Must Change, Without Changing BBE 26/7/19 Totally Brewed
Style : IPA ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   IPA with Amarillo, Mosaic and Vic Secret hops. Juicy, fruity loveliness.
£3.25 £4.48
Totally Brewed The Data Harvesting Zuckubus BBE 14/11/19 Totally Brewed
Style : IPA ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   DDH Mosaic IPA
£3.50 £4.58
Track Koda BBE 2/6/18 Track
Style : IPA ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   A juicy IPA brewed with lactose. Notes of ripe orange. Brewed with Mosaic, Centennial & El Dorado.
£3.25 £4.05
Track x Fuerst Wiacek Ouki BBE 12/10/18 Track
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   Beautiful collab DIPA - clean hoppy with plenty of bitterness
£4.00 £5.51
UnBarred RIPA BBE 1/6/18 UnBarred
Style :  Rye IPA ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   IPA brewed with a healthy dose of rye to provide a spicy, rich, and malty base that it finished with some big C hops
£3.75 £4.47
Unity Collision Unity
Style : IPA ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Collision represents the South Coast with some of our favourite things - the soft honey notes of spelt malt combined with the dank, juicy flavours of Mosaic and Columbus hops.
Unity Synchronise Watches Unity
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.9% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Three of team Unity turned 30 this year, so we decided to celebrate the occasion in style with a Double IPA hopped with the Antipodean trio of fresh harvest Vic Secret, Enigma, and Nelson Sauvin. Dank and juicy party times!
Wander Beyond Entice Wander Beyond
Style : Imperial IPA ABV : 10.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Loosely based around the Illicium recipe, Entice is a single hopped imperial milkshake IPA with Azacca. With plenty of oats and lactose for a silky body, the azacca hops compliment the sweetness with flavours of pineapple, tangerine and tropical fruits.    
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West By Three The Pilot Series - Session IPA BBE 8/4/18 West By Three
Style : India Pale Ale ABV :  4.3% Bottle Size : 330ml   Small batch take on a hoppy Session IPA
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Wild Card IPA BBE 29/8/19 Wild Card
Style : IPA ABV : 6.1% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   A West Coast IPA. It’s hazy, it’s dank and it’s juicy. Double dry hopped with Citra and Simcoe, it’s packed full of grapefruit, pineapple and mango flavours.  
£2.50 £3.92