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Little Earth Project x Vault City Lose Sight of the Shore Little Earth Project
Style : Natural Cider ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 750ml   In September 2018 our friends from Cradle came around to the brewery with  a boot full of delicious bright red Discovery apples that were falling to the ground and otherwise destined to go to waste. We decided that we could do something special with them and got in touch with Jonny from Vault City who was planning a trip through. We pressed the apples and let the juice ferment with not only the wild yeast on the skins, but with some special cultures from Vault City's collection in a single Rioja cask. This fermentation was slow and produced some amazing flavours, and over the course of 13 months, wine and barrel characteristics had added to the mix. The finished cider is pink/orange in colour with a funky barnyard aroma, big fruit & tannins and a medium dry finish!