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Liquid Light Flow Motion Liquid Light
Style : Bock ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 500ml Can    We paired the robust malt bill of a Helles Bock (traditional Munich, Vienna and lager malt), with the unique light citrusy, herbal character of the Lemondrop hop. Conditioned through several temperature steps, over a period of 8 weeks to ensure a well balanced, crisp and refreshing finish.
Three Hills Einbeck Billy Goat Bock Three Hills
Style : Bock ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Originally hailing from Einbeck, Germany, the strong lager was quickly adopted by Bavarian brewers whose pronunciation of Einbeck led to the nickname ‘Ein bock’, meaning ‘Billy Goat’..Our version is lagered for 12 weeks, producing a rich, smooth & delicate lager that at 6.2% slips down a little bit too nicely! We hope you enjoy it!