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Deya How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes Deya
Style : Black Lager ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 500ml Can Inspired by the traditional Czech beer Cerne Lezak, dark and mysterious, How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes consists of subtle roasted chocolate notes, together with a fresh, crisp hoppy character, creating a light bodied clean and refreshing black lager.
Round Corner Gunmetal Round Corner
Style : Black Lager ABV : 4.8% Bottle Size : 330ml Can   Gold medal winner at the Oscars of global beer, the International Brewing Awards 2019.  For us, its simply the World's best lager.  But, you decide.  A beautiful looking beer – dark brown in colour with deep garnet highlights and a crema-like foam. Gunmetal is clean and crisp from a long and slow ferment at 9°C with our house lager yeast.  Aromas of herbal & earthy Noble hops jostle for position with the delicate aromas of lightly roasty, toasty and smooth biscuit malt. Deliciously on the palate – there is none of the burnt malt astringency normally associated with beers of this colour.