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De Struise Pannepeut De Struise
Style : Quad ABV : 10.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Pannepeut is a beer specially brewed and named as a wink to the Danish market presented at the Danish beer festival ‘Kobenhavnske Oldage 2006’ exclusively at Olbutikkens stand. It is produced to express the brewers gratitude to all the Danish beer amateurs that drink their products daily. Pannepeut has later been available on draught and bottles at bars and shops in Belgium & Denmark. Since winter 2006, this beer’s popularity kept growing in Belgium at such a level that the production today equals Pannepot.
Tartarus Kludde Tartarus
Style : Quad ABV : 11.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   This is Kludde, a Belgian style Quad, brewed with classic Belgian style hops and malt but then fermented with yeast that Tartarus cultured up from a bottle of Chimay blue.  
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Wylam English Quad 2018 Special Reserve Wylam
Style : Quad ABV : 11.9% Bottle Size : 750ml   Aged in ex De Molen barley wine barrels. An all English malt driven quad paying homage to the classic Belgian style. Brewed with Sweden’s very own popinjay buck PAR SMEDSBO SLOTT who emerged from the depths of Sweden’s most northern forests... Full bodied with complex dark fruit esters, a light caramel sweetness and a rich ripe stone fruit plum barrel piquancy.