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Tartarus Abaddon Tartarus
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 17.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Russian Imperial Stout loaded with 15 different malts with dark brown, demerara and jaggery sugars. Patiently conditioned resulting in a rich, dark and extremely flavourful beer.  
Tartarus Elf Tartarus
Style : Tripel ABV : 9.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   Our first ever beer we brewed here at Tartarus beers. Brewed for our love of Belgian beer, no fuss, no flavouring, just good, balanced and flavourful beers.Of course we "spiced" it up. I love the spicy phenolic yeast character of Belgian beers, the slightly spicy, herbal noble hop character, so I decided to ramp up those flavours. The addition of black pepper really gives this beer a kick.  
Tartarus Kludde Tartarus
Style : Quad ABV : 11.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   This is Kludde, a Belgian style Quad, brewed with classic Belgian style hops and malt but then fermented with yeast that Tartarus cultured up from a bottle of Chimay blue.  
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Tartarus Krampus Tartarus
Style : Imperial Porter ABV : 12.2% Bottle Size : 330ml A big indulgent Porter, brewed with lactose, brandy-soaked sultanas, cherries, almonds and oranges. It has been spiced with nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Smooth and rich, with a warming spice kick. To top it off it was aged for a month on brandy oak chips. Say hello to Christmas with Krampus.  
Tartarus Marshmallow Abaddon Tartarus
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 17.0% Bottle Size : 330ml This beer is a beast at 17%. It's loaded with 15 different malts and contains dark brown, and demerara sugar. A long conditioning time, this thick beer is rich, dark and extremely flavourful. This addition is flavoured with marshmallow.  
Tartarus Roeschaard Tartarus
Style : Dubbel ABV : 7.5% Bottle Size : 330ml A traditional Belgian style plum Dubbel brewed using Belgian yeast, crystal and special B malts. Large amounts of plum was added during fermentation to give this beer a fruity kick.  
Tartarus Witch Tartarus
Style : Porter ABV : 8.0% Bottle Size : 330ml A rich porter brewed with oats & lactose for a smooth mouthfeel, with the addition of ginger.