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Siren / Hair Of The Dog Fred In London Siren Craft Brew
Style : Imperial Blonde Ale ABV : 11.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Alan from Hair of the Dog is one of our brewing heroes, so we were very excited to have him over to brew with us. This is a British rendition of one of his most famous beers, ‘Fred’, originally brewed in honour of Fred Eckhart - a craft beer journalist who resided in Portland, Oregon. It's made with aromatic and rye malts and includes hop varieties from around the world. 
Siren / Other Half I Love You Honey Bunny Siren Craft Brew
Style : IPA ABV : 6.3% Bottle Size : 330ml   Siren’s smoothie series gets sweet thanks to Brooklyn’s Other Half and 200kg of pure blossom honey. Smooth, rich and chewy with light grassy citrus aromas and lingering bitter finish.
Siren Barrel Aged Shattered Dream Siren Craft Brew
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 10.9% Bottle Size : 330ml   Imperial Breakfast stout, Stout brewed with coffee, vanilla, chocolate, oats, and lactose. Aged 7 months in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels.
Siren Calypso Siren Craft Brew
Style : Sour ABV : 4.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Calypso was the goddess known for her sharp tongue. This beer is their homage to this enchantress, a tart, spritz u Berliner style sour beer that is liberally dry hopped with a different single hop for each batch. To know which hop you are drinking, check out their website and match the batch number to the hop.
Siren Forest For The Trees Siren Craft Brew
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.6% Bottle Size : 330ml   Siren are bringing a touch of the west coast back home for this winter double IPA. Crystal and Vienna malts provide a hearty backbone and red hue, then they’ve gone all in on heavy hitting Simcoe Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic hops. Expect old school bitterness, evergreen aromas and punchy berry hop notes.
Siren Hit The Ice Siren Craft Brew
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   A hazy, session pale ale hopped with Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe and Mosaic for beautiful fruit-forward flavours.
Siren Kisetsu Siren Craft Brew
Style : Saison ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Saison with yuzu, oolong tea & cedar wood
Siren Maiden 2016 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Barleywine ABV : 11.2% Bottle Size : 330ml Siren's classic annual release. A hoppy American barleywine aged in various barrels for a year. This year being a blend of fresh unblended Maiden (20%), Armagnac (10%), Banyuls (10%), Heaven Hill (20%), Red Wine (30%) and rum in ex-Jack Daniels barrels (10%).
Siren Old Fashioned Siren Craft Brew
Style : Barleywine ABV : 11.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   We’re big fans of the classic old fashioned a 19th Century cocktail traditionaly made by muddling sugar with butters then adding whiskey and a twist of citrus. This is our take with barley wine as the base as the base beer and the classic orange zest to serve. It’s been in barrels for 12 months picking up a well rounded bourbon profile with some vanilla and caramel sweetness. Bitters optional.
Siren Please Look After This Beer Siren Craft Brew
Style : IPA ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 330ml   Marmalade IPA brewed for Draft House Paddington!
Siren Pompelmocello 29/12/17 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Sour IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml A tart and puckering IPA with grapefruit juice and zest with added lactose for creaminess.
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Siren Project Barista Americano Siren Craft Brew
Style : Double IPA ABV : 9.1% Bottle Size : 330ml Americano is a Coffee Double IPA which uses a new method designed to preserve the delicate nature of Ethiopian coffee’s high end berry notes. Quarter Horse Coffee in Birmingham brewed a strong hot coffee which was added to the beer directly before packaging. Americano is packed full of Citra, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook hops, and Mosaic Cryo Powder, to the tune of 21 grams per litre
Siren Project Barista CapHeine Siren Craft Brew
Style : Sour ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 330ml The most nuanced coffee beer of the four, CapHeine’s biscuity, bready malt notes combine with hibiscus and raspberries and floral/fruity Kenyan coffee beans to create a cacophony of flavour. There’s redcurrant, cranberry, plum, red fruit notes and some light hibiscus florals. Mosaic, Palisade and Bravo hops are added during kettling and a small dry hop addition. There’s hibiscus in the boil and 120kg of Raspberries added to the fermentation.
Siren Ryesing Tides BBE 26/10/17 Siren Craft Brew
Style : Rye IPA ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Juicy US hops over a toasty malt base with rye sweetness. A sure fire winner.
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Siren Shattered Dream Salted Chocolate Caramel Edition Siren Craft Brew
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 9.1% Bottle Size : 330ml   Shattered Dream is the imperial version of our favourite breakfast stout - Broken Dream. Even more unctuous than the original, we've amped up the flavours to deliver sweet biscuit, dark chocolate and deep roasted coffee notes. This edition contains salt and speciality malts for a salted caramel undertone.
Siren Sheltered Spirit Siren Craft Brew
Style : Imperial Porter ABV : 14.0% Bottle Size : 330ml We brewed this beer in 2016 with the sole intention of ageing it in bourbon barrels. The inspiration was all about tamarind - an ingredient revered for the sweet and sour depth it can add to dishes and drinks, particularly popular in the tropics. It didn’t disappoint - offering an amazing fruity aroma almost immediately. In folklore, tamarind trees are said to harbour ghosts, and for that reason are often found on the outskirts of villages. Our Sheltered Spirit has serenely matured into something very special.
Tiny Rebel x Siren Didgeridank Tiny Rebel
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.4% Bottle Size : 330ml For our collab with Siren we decided to go all out with hops. No special ingredients, no additional fruit or spices, just loads more hops! Like, loooooooads more