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Glasshouse x Neon Raptor Nedry Glasshouse
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Soft and juicy as you’d expect, saturated in hops. A tropical nose leads into a luscious body with notes of pineapple, strawberry and grapefruit before a balancing, pine finish.[Hops] Galaxy / Azacca / Mosaic
Neon Raptor Bigfoot Expert Neon Raptor
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 10.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Decadent. Appetizing. Thick. Bigfoot Expert is a fully vegan triple chocolate imperial stout. We combine cacao shells, chocolate powder and chocolate essence with a rich and varied malt bill. The cacao shells are sourced from our neighbour, Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates. This beer is perfect for wilderness roaming.
Neon Raptor Fake Hands Neon Raptor
Style : Porter ABV : 8.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Pecan and Chocolate Porter. Collaboration with our neighbours and friends, Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate. They supplied us with cacao nibs and roasted pecans for us.
Neon Raptor Little Tron Neon Raptor
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   After many attempts to construct the perfect cybernetic organism, we settled on the one known as Little Tron. Did we create the ultimate cyborg friend? Or is this majestic blue machine just one wrong move from a chaos we cannot control?
Neon Raptor The Endless Blackness Of Space Neon Raptor
Style : Sour ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Forest fruit sour with Blackcurrant, Black Cherry, Blackberry. It’s our homage to The Fast Show… delicious, vegan, and bl…very dark!
Neon Raptor The Sheriff Neon Raptor
Style : Sour ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Who soured the sheriff? Why is this law enforcer so obsessed with a merry band of Sherwood dwellers? Can The Sheriff’s savage sorcery be stopped? Orange & Pineapple Fruited Sour
Neon Raptor x North Triple Fruited Raptor Neon Raptor
Style : Gose ABV : 4.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   This long overdue collaboration with our friends at North is a thirst-quenching sour gose style beer. The physalis, lychee, ginger and salt provide a perfect balance of fruity sweetness, tart juiciness, gentle salinity and a mild spiciness at the!