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Mikropolis Grapefruit Spritzer Mikropolis
Style : Cocktail ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 250ml   Junta Aperitivo, grapefruit & soda water This organic ready-to-drink spritzer is packed with grapefruit. It’s made with our own Italian style bitters, created with tons of spices and herbs.  Enjoy cold straight from the can or pour over ice with a slice of grapefruit. 
Mikropolis Lemon Verbena Gin & Tonic Mikropolis
Style : Cocktail ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 250ml   Gin, tonic & lemon verbena An organic ready-to-drink gin & tonic with lemon verbena. It’s low on sugar and high on herbs with real lemon verbena without flavouring agents. Our gin is infused with juniper, coriander and lemon peel. Pour over ice with a slice of lemon or enjoy cold from the can.
Mikropolis Negroni Mikropolis
Style : Cocktail ABV : 15.0% Bottle Size : 250ml   Junta Bitter, gin & sweet vermouth Negroni demands a perfect balance between sweet, sharp and bitter. Our edition contains no less than 24 spices and herbs balanced in gin, vermouth and our very own Italian style bitters. The deep, orange colour is all natural: coming from beetroot, sour cherries and turmeric.  Pour the negroni over ice with a slice of orange – there’s enough for two servings in one can.
Mikropolis Teeling Whisky Highball Mikropolis
Style : Cocktail ABV : 9.4% Bottle Size : 250ml     Teeling Whiskey, soda & soured pineapple syrupA classic whiskey & soda with a twist of soured pineapple syrup and a base of the Telling Whiskey Small Batch bottling, which is aged up to six years in ex-bourbon barrels and then finished 6 months in rum barrels.Make sure to serve chilled – straight from the can or poured over ice with a slice of pineapple and fresh mint.