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Alvinne Vaccin 2.5 Alvinne
Style : Sour ABV : 2.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Fifth beer of the new experimental series Vaccin (Various Ales Creative Challenging Innovative New). Blond session sour made with Morpheuse (houseculture) and dry hopped.
Basqueland Post Yoga Basqueland
Style : Session IPA ABV : 2.9% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Micro IPA. A perfect post yoga drink. Dry-hopped with Cashmere, Mosaic T90 & Mosaic Cryo.
Black Iris Little Nipper Black Iris
Style : Session NEIPA ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Session New England IPA
Black Iris Ngaru Iti Black Iris
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Meaning "Little Wave" in Maori, this super sessionable pale ale is crammed full of NZ Motueka hops.
Braybrooke Session Lager Braybrooke
Style : Lager ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 330ml    This is the definition of a lager made for drinking. Brewed with the same exacting standards and traditional methods as our Keller Lager, the Session Lager is in effect a mini-Pilsner. It is pale in colour and low in alcohol but still delivers the same delicious flavours and crisp finish that you would expect from a higher abv% version.We use Franconian Pilsner and Munich malts, Spalt Select and Mandarina Bavaria hops along with our own house yeast to ensure this fresh take on premium lager might just be 3.8% ABV, but it’s 100% Braybrooke.
Burning Sky Tail Crush Burning Sky
Style : Table Beer ABV : 3.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can This little beer is big on flavour. Perfect for the weary soul, tired of the same old thing. Do a Tail Crush for me, do a Tail Crush for you….
Donzoko Garden Bier Donzoko
Style : Lager ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 500ml Can   Garden Bier is a new 3.8% Session lager, brewed with a decoction and hopped with UK varieties First Gold, Challenger, and hops grown in brewer Reece's garden. Its smooth, malty and delicately floral. Real delicious like.
Fallen Local Motive Fallen
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.9% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Mosaic Session Ale
Kernel Table Beer Nelson Sauvin Vic Secret Kernel Brewery
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 2.9% Bottle Size : 330ml The ultimate session beer - hoppy and quaffable!
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Little Earth Project Pain In The Glass Mk III Little Earth Project
Style : Sour ABV : 3.5% Bottle Size : 750ml A light sour brewed in collaboration with Cradle, a vegan cafe based in Sudbury. A mix of leftover sourdough & our malt make up the mash, with a blend of sourdough yeast & our mixed culture added to ferment in the barrel. It's lightly sour, more malt forward as expected, and at 3.5%, an easy sipper.
Lost & Grounded Start This Record Over Lost & Grounded
Style : Berliner Weisse ABV : 3.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Raspberry Berliner-style Weissbier made with 70% wheat & 200kg of raspberries - bright, light, tart and crushy! At times a song will speak to you, a quiet sense of familiarity & comfort as that rhythm washes over you & you just gotta Start This Record Over!
Neon Raptor Crushing Blows Neon Raptor
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   A fully crushable New England pale with a huge body for it’s strength. Citra and Simcoe combine for tropical fruity flavours.
Pastore Waterbeach Weisse Watermelon & Pomegranate Pastore
Style : Berliner Weisse ABV : 3.7% Bottle Size : 440ml Can A mixed fermentation berliner weisse style beer, fermented with Hornindal Kveik and Lactobacillus, conditioned on 230 g/l Watermelon & Pomegranate. 
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Polly's Brew Co Reality Dysfunction Polly's Brew Co
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Our staff designed DDH Pale series is certainly gaining some serious traction now, and we're rolling onto another one in rapid time before we take a short break, with the arrival of Reality Dysfunction - designed entirely by our assistant brewer Matt. Expressing his love for our lactose-tinged output, Matt brought the mash temperature right down to ensure the beer wasn't overly sweet, and hit the dry hop up with a bumper dry hop charge of Enigma for a symphony of flavours that dance throughout. Expect intense amounts of raspberries, passionfruit, and just a smattering of herbal complexity, complimented by the sweetness and full body brought to the table by the lactose addition in the boil. Bravo Matt!
Pomona Island Killian Is Lying To You Pomona Island
Style : Table Beer ABV : 3.3% Bottle Size : 440ml Can In a fictional 2020, the government could be using communication and entertainment networks to distract us from a totalitarian power grab. But in reality, this is a table beer, double dry hopped with Citra Cryo & Amarillo Cryo.    
S43 Oh Yeah! S43
Style : Berliner Weisse ABV : 3.9% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Our first ever foray into sour beers! We've brewed a traditional German Berliner Weisse recipe with 50% wheat and lactic producing yeast, with some hibiscus flowers for a herbal note. Then dosed in tonnes of watermelon juice and puree. The result being a tart, refreshing wheat beer with a beautiful pink hue and a distinct watermelon sweetness.  
Three Hills Little White Dove Three Hills
Style : Gluten Free Pale Ale ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Part 1/3 of the Gluten Free Session Series! This IPA is dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra for extra juicy flavour and aroma and did we mention GLUTEN FREE!
Three Hills Small Steps No. 3 (2020) Three Hills
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can DDH Pale - Citra, Mosaic BBC & Denali
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Three Hills Small Steps No. 4 (2020) Three Hills
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can DDH Pale - HBC431, Cryo Citra & Cryo Mosaic
Three Hills Small Steps No. 5 (2020) Three Hills
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can Small Steps is a refreshing DDH Pale compacting all the flavour of a big IPA into a highly drinkable low-abv beer suitable for all occasions.The hops used are Citra BBC, Mosaic BBC, Ekuanot BBC 
Top Rope Aw...Here It Gose Top Rope
Style : Gose ABV : 3.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   One of our absolute classics and a perennial favourite, a traditionally made Gose brewed with wheat malt, sea salt and coriander. With a slightly less traditional addition of buckets of Seville oranges to add a delicious citrus twist. Lightly soured and deliciously light to provide maximum refreshment, grab some malt, hops, yeast and oranges and meet me in flavourtown!
Verdant People, Money, Space, Time Verdant
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can A sub 4% soft and sluggable pale that has oodles of Citra and Mosaic seeping from all directions. It drinks way above it’s meagre ABV and is crammed full of tropical indulgences and citric sharpness
Wild Card Table Beer Wild Card
Style : Table Beer ABV : 2.7% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Brewed Australian Enigma & Vic Secret hops, this Table Beer is packed full of tropical fruit flavors. 
Yonder Boogie Yonder
Style : Bitter ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Boogie is a modern reinterpretation of an English Bitter; inspired by the past but brewed with the future firmly in mind. Using new UK hop varieties and our house yeast, we’ve created a beer which tastes like home without dampening the desire to explore beyond it.
Yonder Coolbox Yonder
Style : Helles ABV : 3.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Inspired by Bavaria but made with all British malts and hops, this crisp and quenching lager is designed for active days out in the country or that refreshing first Friday pint. Arguably the lowest-abv core lager on the market (before you get to the realms of low-abv).