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3 Fonteinen Cuvée Armand & Gaston Season 17/18 Blend 81 3 Fonteinen
Style : Gueuze ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 375ml   Blend of young, middle-aged, and old lambics, brewed by 3 Fonteinen. One hundred percent natural, authentic, spontaneous, and a bit stubborn, but always elegant and full of character. The Pure Passion, as Armand and Gaston have always done.
3 Fonteinen Hommage Biologische Season 18/19 Blend 42 3 Fonteinen
Style : Framboise ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 750ml NOTE - THE BREWERY PUT THE WRONG FRONT LABEL ON, USING THE ONE FROM THE REGULAR HOMMAGE. THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BIO - THE BACK LABEL IS CORRECT! This particular Hommage Bio has macerated for 6 months and the final fruit intensity is 350 grams of fruit per litre. While blending, local honey was added. 3 Fonteinen Hommage Bio is the result of macerating hand-picked whole sour cherries and raspberries on young lambic for at least four months, in a proportion of 760 to 800 grams of raspberries and 200 to 240 grams of sour cherries per litre of lambic. This fruit lambic is then blended again with more lambic to obtain a minimum intensity of 35% fruit. Hommage is a bodied raspberry lambic beer, with an intense deep red forest fruit bouquet. This unfiltered and unpasteurised lambic is all-natural with no artificial juices, syrups, or sugars added.
3 Fonteinen Hommage Season 17/18 Blend 75 3 Fonteinen
Style : Framboise ABV : 5.6% Bottle Size : 375ml A special framboise indeed - made with 30% raspberries from the Payottenland, and 5% sour cherries.
Basqueland Aupa Basqueland
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Can   Classic Californian Pale Ale
Basqueland x Siren Strawberry Buzz Basqueland
Style : Berliner Weisse ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Strawberry Berliner Weisse
Blackjack x Boutilliers Cloud Catcher BBE 25/4/19 Blackjack
Style : IPA ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 330ml    Fruit tea infused IPA
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Boutilliers Sex Bob-Omb Boutilliers
Style : Wheat Beer ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 330ml   Passionfruit Wheat Beer
Boutilliers Turtle's Paradise Boutilliers
Style : Helles ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 330ml    Lime infused Helles
Boutilliers Victory Road Hoptimism
Style : Extra Special Bitter ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 330ml   If anyone knows how to ESB it's our friends at Boutilliers!
Boutilliers x Ridgeside Rabble Rouser Boutilliers
Style : Saison ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 330ml    Sour Cherry, Cherry Tea & Rose Petal Saison
BrewDog Overworks Bedrock Red BrewDog
Style : Sour ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 500ml Built on redcurrants and lemon verbena, this bright, citrussy and vinuous sour is ruddy red to the eye, and tart to the taste. Upfront juicy and acidic flavours with citrus herbal notes in close pursuit. Delivered with a delicate effervescence and a dry tannic finish
BrewDog Overworks Cosmic Crush Peach BrewDog
Style : Sour ABV : 5.6% Bottle Size : 500ml Our barrel-aged Scottish sour fermented with 1000kg of white peaches from Campania, Italy before being transferred to red wine barrels from Emilia Romagna where ageing, acidity and wood all work their magic. This Sour pours a hazy golden-yellow with aromas of freshly cut peaches. On the palette the juicy sweetness and dry, fuzzy skin-like body is complemented by a bright and balanced acidity. Italian red wine barrels impart a complexity that enriches to this dry yet mouth-watering beer.
BrewDog Overworks Cosmic Crush Raspberry BrewDog
Style : Sour ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 500ml This sour is fermented with wild yeast strains brettanomyces and Cher Ami, our house mixed culture, and refermented with raspberries followed by ageing in ex-Sangiovese red wine barrels sourced from Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy. Swathes of rich and juicy raspberry, delicately balanced amidst Brett funk, tartness and tannin, giving a subtle juicy fruit character from the barrels lingering vinous wood character and echose of sweet Beaujolais.
BrewDog Overworks Panavision Pink BrewDog
Style : Sour ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 500ml Do not adjust your set for this rose-tinted spectacle. Pours the palest of pink. The rose garden in bloom bouquet is followed by delicate floral notes and rustic wild berry character. Dry with mouthwatering acidity. Rose notes and Bretty funk linger at the garden gate. Panavision Pink - Pruned to perfection.
BrewDog Overworks Perennial Punnet BrewDog
Style : Sour ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 500ml A ruby hued sour blended in the darkest depths of winter. As dry as a Spring dawn and packed as tight as a punnet with whole Scottish blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Bursting with fresh berry jam notes and subtle Brett funk tartness. Culminating in a sweet but devishly dry finish.. Perennial Punnet - Fruited fatalism.
Burnt Mill Split Your Infinities Burnt Mill
Style : Sour ABV : 5.6% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Blueberry Fruited Sour. A simple malt bill of pale & wheat provided a wort that we soured overnight, boiled, then sent to the fermenter to condition on blueberry puree. Clean, lactic aromas and light tartness are complimented the mosaic dry hop and the mellow, sweet taste of blueberries in this refreshing fruited sour.
Buxton Lupulus X Single Hop Series - Amarillo IPA Buxton
Style : IPA ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can LUPULUS X. is an experimental single hop program. Each hop was carefully selected and properly examined.
Buxton Lupulus X Single Hop Series - Loral IPA Buxton
Style : IPA ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can LUPULUS X. is an experimental single hop program. Each hop was carefully selected and properly examined.
Buxton x Omnipollo Original Ice Cream Pale Ale Buxton
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.6% Bottle Size : 440ml Can This is the Original Ice Cream Pale Ale. Brewed with heaps of malted oats and conditioned on one vanilla bean per two litres of beer, the sensation of vanilla ice cream is unmistakable. Never stop dreaming.
Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio Cantillon
Style : Gueuze ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 375ml A truly classic gueuze!
Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio Cantillon
Style : Kriek ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 375ml Massively fruity with Cantillon's trademark sourness! Bottled April 2019.
Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus Cantillon
Style : Framboise ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 375ml Cantillon's world famous Raspberry Lambic!
Chorlton Solera Three - Meadowsweet Chorlton
Style : Wild Ale ABV : 5.7% Bottle Size : 330ml   Wild ale with meadowsweet.
Cloudwater A•W18 One-Off Märzen Cloudwater
Style : Märzen ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Märzen is a strong, dark and full-bodied lager beer native to Bavaria that was traditionally brewed during March, lagered throughout the summer months, and often savoured during Oktoberfest. It is known primarily for a deep, elegant malt profile, accompanied by a light hop character and clean, dry finish
Cloudwater The Interiors Of Striving Organisms Cloudwater
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 440ml This one-off Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale uses the same malt base as our signature DDH Pale but switches up the hops. It showcases crop year 2018 Citra and Mosaic, selected by us at source in Yakima, which proved to be the two most popular varieties to feature in our recent CY18 series of beers.
Cloudwater The Windows Were Golden Cloudwater
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   In the early morning light, houses nestled in the hills around Little Kaiteriteri Beach glow bright gold. A short drive north of Riwaka, both a place in New Zealand’s south island and the name of the fragrant hop featured in this single-hopped Pale Ale, Kaiteriteri’s shores were lapped by waves reduced to a mere whisper, as if they too enjoyed early morning peace and quiet.
Cloudwater x Boundary Team Meeting International Cloudwater
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   This double dry-hopped Pale Ale was brewed in collaboration with our friends Boundary Brewing Cooperative in Belfast. It's brewed to have big body at session strength with a moreish, juicy finish, and is dry-hopped with CY18 Mosaic and Loral that we hand selected at source in Yakima.
Crooked Stave Petite Sour Rosé Crooked Stave
Style : Sour ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 375ml   Wild ale aged in oak barrels on fruit skins
Double-Barrelled Is 3D True? Double-Barrelled
Style : IPA ABV : 5.6% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Classic West Coast IPA with piney resinous notes overlaying a crisp bitterness. Dry hopped with Chinook & Columbus to add more piney, resinous, dank and some slightly mango notes to the flavour and aroma. We boil hopped this beer continuously adding hops throughout the full 60 minute boil & 8 minute whirlpool.
Double-Barrelled Lobsters & Lighthouses Double-Barrelled
Style : IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Lobsters & Lighthouses brings those classic East Coast IPA flavours. Soft & pillowy mouthfeel layered with tropical pineapple notes coming from a layered dry hop of Simcoe, Bru-1 & Citra. Ends with a slight bitterness & some piney resinous notes from the Simcoe, for a well balanced suppable IPA.
Dry & Bitter Guavalanche Dry & Bitter
Style : Sour ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Kettle sour with masses of Guava.
Dry & Bitter Motherblood BBE 2/5/19 Dry & Bitter
Style : IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Motherblood is a double dry-hopped IPA brewed in collaboration with Finland's most notorious apocalyptic post-punk band. . . Grave Pleasures. A vital fluid and a hop bomb. A cocktail of tropical hops gives aromas of the fruits of life and the dank of earth. Dance with the skeletons!
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Dry & Bitter Raspvery BBE 10/5/19 Dry & Bitter
Style : Sour ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Tangy & stupendously juicy kettle sour with a beautiful glow. Masses of Raspberries were used in this fruit bomb
£3.75 £4.35
Dugges Tonkanilla Mangorange Dugges
Style : Sour ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml A sour beer which name is as hard to pronounce as its taste is hard to pinpoint. Still, we say Tonkanilla Mangorange and say that the beer tastes just like a cookie. Freshly baked, or maybe even that under-baked deliciousness you get some times. With a sour twist. We could have called it Cookie Cookie Cookie. Monster! 
Eight Arch Corbel BBE 31/1/19 Eight Arch
Style : IPA ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Can   Multi award winning IPA. How an IPA should be, packed with U.S. hops giving mango & pineapple aromas finished by a thirst quenching bitterness.
£2.00 £2.69
Eight Arch x Elusive Ancients Of Mu Mu Peach Melba BBE 28/2/19 Eight Arch
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Can   Version #2 of our collab with Elusive Brewing. This batch of ice cream pale brings together peaches and raspberries with vanilla and lactose on top of some super peachy American hops for a peach melba delight.
£2.75 £3.21
Evil Twin x Westbrook Raceday Evil Twin
Style : Sour IPA ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 473ml Can   A sour-IPA brewed with pineapple, aloe vera, and electrolytes derived from aloe salt
Framework Dark Saison BBE 10/2/18 Framework
Style : Saison ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 330ml Obvious vine fruit and peppery coriander aroma. Refreshing saison mouthfeel gives way to a spicy finish. 
£2.25 £3.23
Framework x Elusive Ryeding High BBE 27/08/18 Framework
Style : Rye IPA ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml   A russet red beer made with two varieties of rye malt combined with 6 varietes of hops to give an upfront juicyness finishing with the characteristic spicy rye finish.
£2.50 £3.23
Fyne Origins Brewing - Goodnight, Summer Fyne
Style : Sour ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 375ml   Brewed in collaboration with Inver Restaurant - sour wheat ale brewed with camomile & gooseberries.
Jester King Simple Means Jester King
Style : Altbier ABV : 5.6% Bottle Size : 750ml   Simple Means was brewed with unfiltered, raw, Hill Country well water, malted barley, smoked malted barley, and hops. It was fermented with our mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria harvested from the air and wildflowers around our brewery in stainless steel for about two months. It was then 100% naturally conditioned through refermentation in the bottle for another two months prior to release.
Kernel Biere De Saison Columbus Centennial Kernel Brewery
Style : Saison ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 330ml   Saison fermented with mixed culture ages in barrels and dry hopped with Centennial &Columbus hops    
Kernel Biere De Saison Damson Kernel Brewery
Style : Saison ABV : 4-5% (May vary between batches) Bottle Size : 750ml   A blend of saisons refermented in tank with 350g per litre of whole British damsons for four months!     
Left Handed Giant Spitting Image Left Handed Giant
Style : Sour ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Raspberry and cherry lactose sour.
Left Handed Giant Years Gone By Left Handed Giant
Style :Pale Ale ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Pale Ale with El Dorado, Bitter Gold & Mosaic
Leviathan Saisons In The Abyss : Pineapple Bay Leviathan
Style : Saison ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 330ml   Saisons In The Abyss is a series of twists on the Saison. Number 2 - Pineapple Bay is brewed with coriander, Indonesian long pepper, bay leaves, and 'Dry pineappled' with copious amounts of fresh pineapple! 
Little Earth Project Alexanders Saison 2019 Little Earth Project
Style : Saison ABV : 5.9% Bottle Size : 330ml   Brewed with the flowers and seeds of foraged Alexanders plants. A herbal saison with a peppery dry finish.
Little Earth Project Elderflower Saison 2019 Little Earth Project
Style : Saison ABV : 5.7% Bottle Size : 330ml   Sour saison with locally foraged elderflower
Little Earth Project Folly Road (2018) Little Earth Project
Style : Sour ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 330ml While the name might give the impression the beer was possibly a mistake, or folly, the name actually originates from a road that runs near to the brewery of the same name. We used a new to us yeast in this batch, Saccharomyces Kudriavzevii, which is isolated from the bark of oak trees, alongside our own mixed culture to enhance the woody characteristics along with a stronger bitterness not often found in our beers due to the use of more of our locally grown hops. The beer was then aged for 5 months in a second use Rioja cask to round it out. 
Little Earth Project Lemon & Rosemary Saison 2019 Little Earth Project
Style : Saison ABV : 6.3% Bottle Size : 330ml   Aged saison with the addition of fresh lemon slices and local rosemary. Light, dry and refreshing.