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3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 3 Fonteinen
Style : Gueuze ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 375ml A wonderful beer full of funky sourness. A must have.
3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek 3 Fonteinen
Style : Kriek ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 375ml This beer is produced by ripening cherries in young lambic before maturing for 4 months. Wonderful.
Alphabet Flat White Alphabet
Style : Milk Stout ABV : 7.4% Bottle Size : 330ml Can Sold as a White Breakfast Stout, and sounds about right to us! If you like coffee in your beer, look no further!
Alphabet Heavier Than Heaven Alphabet
Style : Barleywine ABV : 10.8% Bottle Size : 330ml American style Barleywine - rich & sweet. Good now or to age.
Alvinne / Stillwater Wild West Stillwater Artisanal
Style : Sour Ale ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml The red wine (bordeaux) barrel aged version of Omega!
Alvinne Land Van Mortagne Alvinne
Style : Quad ABV : 12.8% Bottle Size : 330ml Big fruity amber Quadruple
Alvinne Pays d'Erpigny Alvinne
Style : Belgian Strong Golden Ale ABV : 12.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Sweet & strong with honey notes. Classic strong Belgian ale.
Anspach & Hobday The Pale Ale Anspach Hobday
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.4% Bottle Size : 330ml Wonderful crisp hoppy pale ale
Anspach & Hobday The Smoked Brown Anspach Hobday
Style : Smoked Beer ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Oaked, smoked and aromatic!
Arbor Sean Of The Red Arbor Ales
Style : Red Ale ABV : 5.1% Bottle Size : 568ml Murky red ale
Arbor Tea Thyme Saison Arbor Ales
Style : Saison ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 568ml Cornish Tea collab! Huge amounts of Lemon Verbana tea and some lemon thyme thrown in for good measure!
Atom Camomile BBE 20/06/17 Atom
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.2% Bottle Size : 330ml Pale ale infused with Camomile (as the name might suggest!).
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Beavertown / Heretic Peacher Man Beavertown
Style : Witbier ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 330ml Can Fermented out with a delicate Belgian Wit ale strain to add hints of spice and fruit, the picture is completed by dry hopping lightly with Nelson Sauvin to add another layer of the aroma.
Beavertown Black Betty Beavertown
Style : Black IPA ABV : 7.4% Bottle Size : 330ml Can A great example of the cascadian style - light and hoppy yet black as night.
Beavertown Gamma Ray Beavertown
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 330ml   Big, hoppy and fresh. Juicy American hops added in ever increasing amounts at the end of the boil and in the fermenter to give huge flavor and aroma. 
Beavertown Neck Oil Beavertown
Style : Pale Ale (Session IPA) ABV : 4.3% Bottle Size : 330ml Can Ripe citrus aromas sit on a crisp malt backbone. An all day pale ale!
Beavertown Smog Rocket Beavertown
Style : Smoked Porter ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 330ml Can A nod back to the smoky porters and stouts of the industrial revolution. Another of Beavertown's early beers.
Beavertown Tempus Project Calvados & White Wine BA Applelation Beavertown
Style : Imperial Saison / Applewine ABV : 10.0% Bottle Size : 375ml Bramley Apple Saison aged in Calvados & White Wine Barrels.
Beavertown Tempus Project Moonshiner Beavertown
Style : Berliner Weisse ABV : 5.0% Bottle Size : 375ml Berliner Weisse aged on Woodford reserve bourbon barrels for 3 months and infused with lime zest and aromatic bitters
Beeston Hop Bramling X Beeston Hop
Style : Porter ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml 6 malts combine with British hop Bramling X to produce a highly aromatic porter with a long finish that evokes blackcurrants and dried fruit.
Beeston Hop Esther Beeston Hop
Style : Belgian Blonde ABV : 3.8% Bottle Size : 330ml Described as a session saison, this is a low ABV blonde using ahtanum, cascade and motueka hops with the addition of speciality Belgian yeast to give a n added estery note.
Beeston Hop Galaxy Beeston Hop
Style : IPA ABV : 5.8% Bottle Size : 330ml An Australian IPA hopped with Southern X and Galaxy
Beeston Hop Hope BBE 30/04/17 Beeston Hop
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.6% Bottle Size : 330ml Pale ale green hopped with Cascade.
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Beeston Hop Peppered Mango Rye Beeston Hop
Style : Rye Beer ABV : 6.3% Bottle Size : 330ml Complex, spicy and fruity! Fermented with Belgian yeast for an extra dimension.
Beeston Hop Quaker Beeston Hop
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.2% Bottle Size : 330ml Easy drinking pale, brewed with oats for a rich mouthfeel
Beeston Hop Surfer Rosa Beeston Hop
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Juicy New World hops combines with the malt base to produce a classic West Coast pale ale, teeming with passion fruit and pineapple flavours.
Blue Monkey Guerrilla Blue Monkey
Style : Stout ABV : 4.9% Bottle Size : 500ml A proper hearty traditional stout.
Blue Monkey Infinity Blue Monkey
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 4.6% Bottle Size : 500ml Pale ale brewed with Citra. Stunning!
Blue Monkey Silverback In The USSR Blue Monkey
Style : Imperial Russian Stout ABV : 10.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Blue Monkey's famous IRS - a wonderful rendition of the classic 18th century style.
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait Boon
Style : Kriek ABV : 8.0% Bottle Size : 375ml With 400g of wild cherries per litre, this kriek is amzingly fruity and sour.
Boon Oude Geuze Boon
Style : Gueuze ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 375ml Lip smackingly sour!
Boundary Export Stout Boundary
Style : Export Stout ABV : 7.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Chocolate and roasted notes aplenty in Boundary's take on a classic export strength stout
Brekeriet / B. Nektar B My Alphahoney Brekeriet
Style : Braggot ABV : 10.0% Bottle Size : 750ml A sweet and sour braggot with loads of Swedish honey added. The braggot is fermented with multiple strains of wild yeast and bacteria
Brekeriet Brilliant Brekeriet
Style : Saison ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Elegant and slighty tart farmhouse ale, fermented with various strains of yeast.
Brekeriet Raudhetta Brekeriet
Style : Sour Red Ale ABV : 4.5% Bottle Size : 750ml An elegant, complex and red sour ale spontaneously fermented in four different oak barrels for eight months
Brekeriet Rhuboise Brekeriet
Style : Fruit Beer ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml Fruity & tart ale, brewed with Brettanomyces yeast, with tons of raspberries and rhubarb added during secondary fermentation.
Brekeriet Sour & Salt Brekeriet
Style : Sour Ale ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 330ml Citrus, light spice and a touch of salt - classic Brekeriet!
Brew By Numbers 01/03 Saison Cucumber & Juniper Brew By Numbers
Style : Saison ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 330ml Could this be the missing link between beer and gin? Classic saison infused with juniper berries and fresh cucumber.
Brew By Numbers 01/06 Saison Motueka & Lime Brew By Numbers
Style : Saison ABV : 5.3% Bottle Size : 330ml Hoppy saison with added lime to offset the fruity Motueka hops, backed up by classic Saison yeast.
Brew By Numbers 01/29 Saison Oyster & Kombu Brew By Numbers
Style : Saison ABV : 5.5% Bottle Size : 750ml A celebration of ocean ingredients, this lightly tart saison was brewed in collaboration with Stockholm Brewing Co.550 fresh oysters were supplied by Dorset Oysters.
Brew By Numbers 10/08 Coffee Porter Gatomboya PB Brew By Numbers
Style : Porter ABV : 6.0% Bottle Size : 330ml A medley of bright fruits from Kenyan wholebean Gatomboya Peabody compliment the chocolate and roast notes perfectly
BrewDog Jet Black Heart BrewDog
Style : Milk Stout ABV : 4.7% Bottle Size : 330ml The winner of the latest protoype challenge, a full-bodied milk stout with chocolate and coffee flavours in abundance.
BrewDog Paradox Rye BrewDog
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 15.0% Bottle Size : 330ml The latest Paradox and the first in cans! This version has been aged in US Rye Whisky casks.
Bruery Sour In The Rye Bruery
Style : American Wild Ale ABV : 7.6% Bottle Size : 750ml Pleasantly sour with notes of tart cherry, rustic earth and vanilla notes, gained from a year in the barrel.
Bruery Tart Of Darkness Bruery
Style : Sour Stout ABV : 6.6% Bottle Size : 750ml Probably Hoptimism's favourite beer in the world right now. Seriously. But don't just take our word for it - see for yourself! Traditional stout aged in oak barrels with addition of wild yeast. Notes of tart plums, roasted coffee,vanilla and oak.
Burning Sky Cuvée 2016 Burning Sky
Style : Saison ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 750ml A special blend of Saison a la Provision from Foudre No 1 and a variety of Chardonnay barrels, blended with a large portion of lambic imported from Belgium and aged at Burning Sky
Burning Sky Imperial Stout Burning Sky
Style : Imperial Stout ABV : 8.5% Bottle Size : 750ml With roasted flavours and hints of vanilla and chocolate, this big imperial stout is perfect for sharing...... or not!
Burning Sky Monolith Burning Sky
Style : Dark Ale (Wild) ABV : 8.0% Bottle Size : 750ml Dark ale brewed with a mixed culture of Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces before being barrel aged for a year in red wine barrels
Burning Sky Saison à la Provision Burning Sky
Style : Saison ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 330ml With a primary fermentation on a Saison yeast and a secondary fermentation on a blend of Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces, the result is tart, crisp, slightly sour and incredibly refreshing!
Burning Sky Saison L'été Burning Sky
Style : Saison ABV : 4.2% Bottle Size : 330ml   Saison L'été was brewed with fresh eldeflowers, picked from the hedgerows around the brewery. After fermentation, it was aged on whole gooseberries. Which combined with our blend of saison and wild yeast strains gives a tart, thirst quenching taste - perfect for the summer.