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Deya Best Foot Forward Deya
Style : Bitter ABV : 4.4% Bottle Size : 500ml Can Best Foot Forward is a traditional English bitter with the finest Brookhouse hops. Fresh, delicious, English malted barley brings biscuit and light caramel character to the beer, while locally grown and processed hops bring a moreish dark fruit flavour and a firm bitterness. Fermented with our house yeast (an English ale strain) for light stone fruit esters and a thick mouthfeel. Packaged at lower carbonation to replicate a pint in the pub. Lush.
Deya Alright Mate Deya
Style : Stout ABV : 7.5% Bottle Size : 500ml Can Alright mate is a dark, rich and roasty stout made with Maple Syrup and pecan for a nutty kick to complement the complex array of malts to create this winter warmer!Get drinking & chatting!
Deya Show Nuff Deya
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 500ml Can Show Nuff is an IPA with a sticky mix of rye and light caramel malt. On the dry hop there is Citra for lychee, Idaho 7 for pineapple and Ekuanot for squishy fruit.
Deya Write That Down Deya
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 500ml Can A soft juicy IPA with spelt in the grist and Centennial, Galaxy, Mosaic and Riwaka on the dry hop.
Deya Into The Haze Deya
Style : India Pale Ale ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 500ml Can A soft, juicy India Pale Ale totally soaked with beautiful tropical fruit hop aromatics.
Deya Steady Rolling Man Deya
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 500ml Can This beer is a heavily hopped and aromatic pale ale which toasts to the folks who were the soundtrack to our brew sessions. Having fallen hook, line and sinker for ridiculously tasty hoppy beers, we got brewing our own versions, over and over, while we listened to the blues greats. The heady concoction of old time blues records and juicy American hops transfixed us from the start and the Steady Rolling Man was born in these sessions! This is our flagship product, one that has been shaped by countless iterations and a vision of what a brilliant, refreshing, clean, delicate and hoppy pale ale is. Enjoy!
Neon Raptor Go Big Or Go West Neon Raptor
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   A classic all-American hop bill of Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo and Columbus brings the dank, the citrus and the pine with a ramped up bitterness. Go Big and Go West!
Neon Raptor Zozobra Neon Raptor
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.4% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   The Zozobra is a giant effigy burnt in New Mexico at the start of a Fiesta to rid everyone of their past years woes and worries. This juicy pale ale is yellow in colour and jam packed with Cascade, Simcoe, Mosaic and Columbus hops for big citrus flavours.
Polly's Brew Co Rock Major Polly's Brew Co
Style : Pale Ale ABV : 5.2% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times - in a world of soupy, pulpy juicebombs, sometimes there ain't nothing more relaxing than just a simple, clean, crisp pale ale. Coming off a year wherein we saturated ourselves with release after release of ultra-high abv beers, we decided to go back to square one and create something a little more on the sessionable side of things; something that we can go back to again and again without having to worry about our heads the next morning. Featuring two hop varietals we fell in love with last year in Loral and Sabro, this beer bursts with the usual Polly's checklist - tropical, juicy and coconut vibes from Sabro, but much more balanced and approachable thanks to the lemon and dark fruit notes brought to the table by Loral. Long live the pale ale!
Polly's Brew Co Ode Polly's Brew Co
Style : IPA ABV : 6.9% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   We often express how much we love to pay homage to the brewers of yesteryear here at Polly's, without whom we, or our contemporaries alike, would exist as we do. At the same time we love firmly expressing how much we love embracing our status as a very much modern brewery, producing the hop-forward styles so popular today. Ode is our literal address to old school and new school brewing, and our love of embracing the two in our beers. Chinook firmly represents the old school, being generously used in the whirlpool to impart delicious piney bitterness, Citra rocks up as the modern classic in the dry hop, bringing a wave of juicy citrus notes, and the future is handily dealt with by Bru-1 and it's incredible intense pineapple characteristics. Everything we love about brewing, all packed into one IPA.
Orval (Bottled 21/10/20) Orval
Style : Belgian Pale Ale ABV : 6.2% Bottle Size : 330ml The only beer this brewery produces - so a 100% hit rate! A legend of Belgian beer since the 1930s.
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Wylam Macchiato Wylam
Style : Porter ABV : 6.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   A complex grain bill for extra body and mouth feel, lactose providing that smoothness for a cold brew hazelnut coffee to shine through in this winter warming porter.
Wylam x Good Things Put A Dank On It Wylam
Style : Double IPA ABV : 8.5% Bottle Size : 440ml Can   Wait! Hold on a minute, pull it up, stop! You know what you wanna do with that right? You wanna put a bangin' DANK on it!GALAXY! (Ah wicked!) Put a DANK on it. NELSON SAV! (Ah that is sick that mate!. Put a DANK on it.ELLA! (Oh now that is good!) Put a DANK on it. VIC SECRET! (Where’d you learn that one?) Put a DANK on it.ENIGMA! (Yeah I like that!) Put a DANK on it. Aye!That’s good that Tony! Aha ha ha sick!
Funky Fluid x Nepomucen Let's Get Hazy No. 4 Funky Fluid
Style : Triple IPA ABV : 9.2% Bottle Size : 500ml Can   Hazy Triple IPA double dry hopped with Vic Sectret, Sabro, Mosaic & Citra. 21 Blg. Hoprate: 20g/L
Funky Fluid x Brew By Numbers Funk Around Funky Fluid
Style : Triple IPA ABV : 9.2% Bottle Size : 500ml Can   New England IPA double dry hopped with Idaho 7 Cryo, Sabro, Vic Secret & HBC 472. 
Funky Fluid Talus Funky Fluid
Style : Double IPA ABV : 7.6% Bottle Size : 500ml Can   Double New England IPA double dry hopped with Talus and Citra. 19 Blg. Hop rate: 20 g/L.